Vijay Eswaran the philanthropist.

Vijay Eswaran Born on 7th October 1960, Vijay Eswaran is a philanthropist, a speaker, and a renowned author. He graduated with a degree in socio-economic from London school of economics in the year 1984. He stayed in Europe for a year after graduation where he survived on the meager salary he got from a construction site in Belgium. He also plucked grapes in France after he which he got a job of driving a cab in London. While still in the United Kingdom, he was introduced to a binary system of marketing. It was at this point that he obtained a professional qualification from CIMA and later enrolled for a Masters in Business Administration in 1986 from Southern Illinois University. At this particular time, he was involved in multilevel marketing on a part-time basis.

In the year 1998, a year after his return to the continent of Asia, he led a team of like-minded individuals to co find a marketing company that would later grow and develop into what is these days known as the QI group. It is a multinational e-commerce company with businesses in wellness, luxury products, telecommunications, travel, and media. The QI Company has regional offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia and a presence in almost ten countries through an enormous range of secondary companies.

Dr. Eswaran is a highly revered speaker and has given speeches at management and business forums such as the world economic forum and Commonwealth Business Forums. He has also given lectures all over the globe on various topics ranging from business to spirituality.

Dr. Eswaran is a well-known philanthropist. He established the RHYTHM Foundation, Corporate Social Responsibility, an arm of the QI conglomerate, which is involved in the activities of philanthropy around the globe. In his home country Malaysia,he has established the Vijayaratnam Foundation and the RF’s local chapter that works with the charitable organizations and NGOs on various projects. They include youth development, child mentoring, special education and women empowerment. Vijay Eswaran was also discussed by

In 2011, Vijay featured in Forbes magazine as Asia’s yearly list of philanthropy heroes. Recently, he was honored by an achievement award as the best philanthropist by a top think tank in Malaysia at the Globe’s Chinese Economic Forum. He was later conferred with the Global Business Strategies award as the International leader. Besides, Dr, Eswaran is a prolific author who has penned a highly successful book in the sphere of silence, a book in life management that has been translated into different languages in the various countries. He has also authored three other books that are 18 Stepping Stones, On the Wings of thought and in the Thinking Zone. He is a columnist too in Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

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